At Wisher, we are the relentless pursuit of innovation, integrating supply lines, upgrading production and management techniques. Moreover, committed to continued growth, to evolving and to innovating, while always considering our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

Factory and Laboratory

Wisher functional smart fabrics of own label brands

Using Far Infrared in the yarns in inactive stage, and using Wind-Proof and in active stage.

Using Sticky-Free and Air-Vents in inactive stage, and using Inside-out Moisture Transferring and quick dry in active stage. 

Through unique yarn spinning technology combining with our special fabric construction design , this collection has solar absorption and UV-blocking synchronously. It not only accumulate  solar heat for body warm up , but roughly provides UPF 30-50 and over. 

Provide 20-50% more wind resistance than the leading product while it's as light and warm as it. 

In addition, FleeXmore is warmer in the windy condition.

The one-piece woven technique has advanced windproof, pilling, snagging, and excellent abrasion.

One side is puff structure and the other side is fleece; features high CLO.

Eco-friendly construction: without chemical adhesive.

Urban outdoor

By time goes up toward, fashion becomes one of the most important outdoor features as a daily routine. Wisher provide classic fabrications with micro-functions for value-increasing. No matter water repellency, moisture management, UV-blocking,  anti-mosquito,  odor management,  constructional push &pull …etc. We are inspired to put brands thoughts into our specialized fashion fabrications , such concepts could also be a part of your own lifestyle. 

This family can be applied into multiple activities such as running, biking,  golf,  hiking,  travelling, MT-Climbing...etc.

BreaXtile ® PATENT NO. M552932

3D dot-touch / dobby / puckering

With wisher owned innovative patent this technology , BreaXtile offers and defines an dynamical air motions or exchange between apparel and skin surface , to create micro-weather space. This innovation also can be added with functional performance combos. 

Wi-eLastic 3.0

Bio-based polyester and recycled polyester with good stretch without spandex 

Wi-Shell 3.0 

One piece woven fleece: face side is great anti-snagging with wind resistance, back side is fleece. Mono component woven & stretch without spandex .